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Typical food from Indonesia

Indonesia is a large country and is rich in natural resources. Besides being rich in natural resources, Indonesia also has a variety of cultures in it. From the tip of the outer east up to the west end there is a lot of diversity as well as special food that almost in each region. The food is typical in each region usually has its own characteristics such as a characteristic taste and also the way they are presented. To maslaah taste, typical food in Indonesia is not inferior to the food.
In the discussion this time will discuss about some of the typical food of Indonesia. Typical foods are derived from various regions in Indonesia. With it's unique and delicious made a lot of people are looking for and trying to eat them. Well just to figure it out, please refer to the discussion below!
Here Foods of Indonesia
Mie Aceh
Mie Aceh is one of the specialties of Indonesia Acehnese. Culinary delicious this one is made of yellow noodles are combined with various spicy seasonings. Mie Aceh itself more delicious when combined with sliced ??beef, chicken, or shrimp as well. Aceh noodles can be served in gravy with curry soup which was delicious and tasty and you can also be fried.
Indonesian food that is derived from one or Padang West Sumatra also entered into one of the most delicious cuisines in the world. Rendang is generally made of succulent beef cooked with various spices eccentric. Rendang is not only favored the people of Indonesia, but also many popular among foreign tourists. Name of rendang also been known until abroad.
Catfish Stew
Indonesian food is the next Catfish Stew derived from Jambi. These catfish goulash cooked using fermented durian. But can also be cooked using coconut milk that make it have a pleasant aroma and sharp. For spices used such as red chili, lemongrass, turmeric, garlic, and onion.
Who is not familiar with the food on this one? certainly most people already know, Pempek is a typical Indonesian food comes from South Sumatra. Pempek Palembang made of sago and also a mixture of mackerel fish. Foods that have too many mainstream thanks to its delicious taste, tasteful, and there is a sour and sweet sauce. For presentation was pempek served with sauces that taste sour, sweet, and spicy. For the sauce Pempek called cuko made of ebi shrimp, chili, garlic, salt, and sugar. In addition manner of presentation is also written with yellow noodles and slices of cucumber that will add flavor the food.
Mie Bangka
Mie Bangka is also a typical Indonesian food comes from the island of Bangka. As for the ingredients to make Mie Bangka itself as noodles, squid, fish or crabs. Often also coupled with sprouts, cucumber, and crackers. So when it was served while still hot will be more delicious. Not to forget also that this Bangka noodles served with extra chilli to taste spicy and dumplings.
Well that was a discussion of some of the typical food of Indonesia, there are many other specialties from Indonesia which has a distinctive taste and delicious.


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