Monday, March 28, 2016

How To Solve Play Store No Connection

Play Store is the official store of Android in which provides many applications that can be downloaded and used by users of Android devices. By downloading the application through the Play Store that users do not have to worry anymore because the problem malware application that has been entered into the Play Store secure. This is because Google's own party has strictly inspect every application will go into the Play Store.

With such simplicity, sometimes the Play Store also has problems such as the one the Play Store disorder as "no connectivity to access". To overcome this easily seebenarnya long as the user knows several ways to do. In the discussion this time will discuss about some of the ways to overcome the Play Store is no connection or no connection.

Here are some How To Solve Play Store There's No Connection

The first way to overcome the Play Store there was no connection is to ensure that the Internet connection on your smartphone is in good condition. The most powerful way to make sure if you're being smooth or not is to use it for purposes such as browsing the Internet or also try social media applications. If for browsing only can not then it is certain that the internet on your smartphone is experiencing problems. To the solution please make the best mode first and then switch on again packets of data you use. Afterwards, open the Play Store app back.

How to cope with the Play Store no second connection is to reset the time and date on your smartphone use. This is because the time and date settings will also affect Internet connection and also the Play Store. If the internet connection on your smartphone run smoothly then do not forget to check the time and date. If it turns setting the time and date does not fit properly then you should immediately set.

Clear the cache in the Play Store to be a way to overcome the Play Store there was no subsequent connection. Cache itself will appear after use. A cache is a temporary storage of data. Each course has an application cache files as well as the Play Store app. Because the cache that will be left in the long term it will result in performance becomes slow and too distracted. If the Play Store has a lot of cache, it can affect performance when an Internet connection is being smoothly. So to overcome the cache you can go into the settings and then select the Play Store app. Afterwards, select the "Clear Cache" on the bottom.

Delete Google Account you use. If the above method does not also able to overcome this next step you can take is to delete your Google Account you use. Remove with a way to log out first, and then also restart smartphone you have done up to light up again. Well after that and then you can try to log in again using your Google account back. In general, this method is quite effective in the Play Store that there is no connection or the connection.

Thus was some discussion about some of the ways that you can do to cope with the Play Store there was no connection. Please try first on Android smartphone you use.


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