Monday, March 21, 2016

Sticky Rice Benefits For Health

Glutinous rice proved to have many benefits on the body. This is because by eating glutinous rice can help to increase the supply of energy to the body. Ketan or also called glutinous rice is a staple food source that is usually served in Southeast Asia. This food can be processed in various ways such as boiled and steamed for a variety of recipes of dishes.
The hallmark of this glutinous rice is sticky texture tends. Although somewhat sticky, glutinous rice consumption appeared to save a lot of benefits for the body. Well for those of you who do not know what the benefits actually benefit from glutinous rice, go see the discussion below!
Here Sticky Rice for Health Benefits
Before knowing what are the benefits of glutinous rice, it's good for you to know what the content of the nutrients contained therein. Based on information from DietFacts that in 200 grams of glutinous rice contained 169 calories, or about 8 percent of daily caloric intake. In addition to calories in glutinous rice also contained as a low fat content of only 0.33 grams per cup. For other ingredients such as protein, carbohydrates, vitamin B, and contains good nutrition for the body. Well for benefits refer to the discussion below!
As an Energy Source for Body
Benefits of glutinous rice first is as a source of energy for the body. This is because in the glutinous rice cooked just one cup of coffee contains about 169 calories, or about 8 percent recommended. Most of these are 83 percent of calories from carbohydrates which in each portion provides a range of 36.7 grams of carbohydrates. In addition, glutinous rice also contains about 4 percent of thiamine, niacin, which is also useful as a source of energy that helps in the metabolism of food into fuel also.
Assist in Lowering Risk of Heart Attack
Benefits for health glutinous rice furthermore is helpful in lowering the risk of heart attack. This is because in the glutinous rice contained source of fiber in it. The fiber content in a cup of glutinous rice alone is about 1.7 grams. These fibers also help in other health grant a contribution can help in lowering the risk of heart attacks.
Helps in Preventing Free Radicals
Subsequent benefits from sticky rice is helpful in counteracting free radicals. Free radicals can indeed cause a variety of problems such as premature aging process up to cancer. To counteract free radicals can be done in various ways one of which is by eating glutinous rice. This is because in the glutinous rice contains selenium is an essential trace mineral that acts as an antioxidant in the body to protect cells in the body from the danger of damage caused by free radicals.
Assist in Maintaining System on Body Metabolism
In addition to containing selenium, glutinous rice also contain compounds such as manganese which is also beneficial for the body. Substances such as manganese functions in maintaining the metabolic system of the body to stay healthy. Healthy metabolism will help in the process of carbohydrate and cholesterol in the body.
For other benefits from sticky rice as assist in maintaining bone health, helps in the immune system in the body, helps in a healthy digestive system in the body, and other benefits such as helping to prevent anemia.


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