Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Applications Android Cooling For a No Heat

Have an Android device allows users to linger with their devices. This is because the Android device has many advantages that make it easier for users. To use the app, users can easily to download it first on the Play Store is the official store of Android devices. By downloading in the Play Store, users without worrying about the threat from malware or the like.

Because Google's own party are very strict in checking applications will go into the Play Store. With the filtering process can be ensured that the application is available in the Play Store is safe to use and free of malware threats or the like. In the discussion this time will discuss about some cooling applications Android. Android cooling applications can be used in order to prevent the devices you use is not too hot. Well just to know see the discussion below!

Here App Android to Tak Heat Sink

Cooler Master

Cooler Master is one of the cooling Android application that you can use to prevent excessive heat on your Android smartphone. Applications for temperature monitoring of heat on the existence of these devices is quite popular among Android users. By using Cooler Master application users can be helped with a function that detects applications that require a lot of RAM and CPU.

Cooler Master app itself has also been supported by a variety of languages ??such as English, Spanish, Russian, and Indonesian. All the features available in this application can be used free of charge. There is also a feature like One Cool Down Tap allowing users to shut down applications that result in overheating. Well to try this application please download via Play Store with the Android operating system requires a minimum of 2.1 or above. Cooler Master application has been downloaded and installed over 5 million Android users.


Android cooling applications so that no subsequent heat is Coolify application that also has an attractive interface display. Applications Coolify no less with the above applications with a variety of other features. By using an application Coolify help in keeping the temperature of the Android device you are using. In addition to assisting in maintaining the temperature of the device, Coolify applications can also assist in maximizing the Android device you are using. Applications developed by OneXuan Coolify App.

To try the application Coolify please download it directly via the Play Store. For Coolify application has been downloaded and installed over 500 thousand users of Android and has a size of only 1 MB only. To use Coolify application requires at least Android operating system version 2.2 or above. How keen to use it.

Device Cooler
Android applications in the third cooling is Device Cooler. By using this application also helps in overcoming common problems that can make your Android device fast heat. The advantages of application Device Cooler is able to be used to help clean up the cache memory and help free performance in an automated way.

In addition to these functions, applications Device Cooler also help in reducing the use of CPU and in helping to save battery on your Android device. Well to use this application please download it on the Play Store with the size of 4.8 MB and requires Android version 2.3 or above minimum. This app has been installed more than 500 thousand users.

Thus was some cooling applications that you can try to use on your Android device.


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